Our Cars


Members and their Cars!

Jim and Terri Andrews with their 1967 GTO Hardtop in Fathom(ish) Blue


Ed and Elise Bellair in their 1968 GTO Convertible in Nordic Blue


Larry Snyder with his 1968 GTO Hardtop in Verdoro Green


Ben Hatfield in his 1965 GTO Hardtop in Fontaine Blue


Tom Schmidt with his 1965 3 Dueces, 4-Spd GTO Convertible in Teal Turquoise


Mark and Laura Quinones with their 1967 GTO Coupe in Black


Jerry Bulger in his 1964 GTO Convertible in Yorktown Blue


Robert and Marilyn Stamps with their 1969 GTO


Mike Daugherty with his 1959 Bonneville and 1971 Le Mans Sport


Bill White with his 1965 GTO Hardtop (in 1965!) in Mayfair Maize


Mark and Nicholle Harrison with their 1966 GTO Hardtop in Arrival


Ernie Stephens in his 1967 GTO Hardtop in Tyrol Blue

Blue Pontiac GTO 1967


Chris and Peggy McPherson with their 1955 Pontiac Chieftain


Tim and Katie Lawrence with their 1964 GTO Hardtop in Saddle Bronze


Eric Datry and his '70 GTO


Tim Rodrigo and his '72 Lemans Sport Convertible


James Richards' '78 Pontiac Trans Am


Robert Malone with his '70 Judge


Mike Dickenson's 68 Firebird 400



"An Early Father's Day Present"
Gary Dean's 1966 Pontiac GTO
The Legend Magazine, July 2005
(Click cover for article)


"The Company Car"
John Link's 1969 Buick Riviera
The Riview Magazine, July/August 2017
(Click cover for article)